Cabbage Tree Camping Zone (Great Walk)

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Cabbage Tree camping zone, situated within Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland's Sandstone Wilderness, is a remarkable overnight camping destination along the renowned Carnarvon Great Walk. This camping area offers a unique natural experience where visitors can immerse themselves in a remote and breathtaking landscape at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Suitable For Tents


  • Amplified music is not permitted. For the benefit of all campers

  • Not suitable for children and infants

Additional rules

Open fires: Prohibited–fuel or gas stoves only.

Things to know

Cabbage Tree camping zone is part of the Carnarvon Great Walk, a multi-day hiking trail that takes you through stunning landscapes. It is approximately 720 kilometers northwest of Brisbane and 400 kilometers west of Gladstone. Access to this camping zone is solely by foot, making it a true wilderness camping experience. The camping zone is one of five walkers' camps along the Carnarvon Great Walk, located 13.8 kilometers from Consuelo camping zone and 71.7 kilometers from the Carnarvon Gorge visitor area. It is a tent camping area suitable for walk-in camping only. Water is available at Cabbage Tree camping zone, provided via an underground tank. However, it is recommended to treat the water before drinking. There are no toilets at this camping zone, so visitors must bring a small hand trowel or spade (or a human waste disposal kit) and toilet paper for proper waste disposal. Open fires are prohibited, and campers should use fuel or gas stoves for cooking. Essential items to bring include a fuel or gas stove, water treatment tablets or purification kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a rubbish bag. Mobile phone coverage is non-existent at Cabbage Tree camping zone, so it's important to be well-prepared and self-reliant during your stay.



Cabbage Tree camping zone is enveloped by an expansive, open grassy area adorned with giant cycads and towering eucalypt trees. It provides a stunning setting for campers to connect with nature and enjoy the serene beauty of the highlands. Campers can rest and unwind amidst the tranquility of the Consuelo Tableland, perched at this lofty altitude. The campsite is designed to accommodate walkers on the Carnarvon Great Walk, making it an excellent stopover for those exploring the trail. Fallen logs scattered around the campsite serve as inviting perches for taking in the spectacular vistas. The landscape showcases towering sandstone cliffs, expansive tablelands, and shaded side-gorges, creating a remote and picturesque environment that's perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.


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