Illinbah Bush Camp

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Illinbah Bush Camp is a secluded and historic camping area located within the beautiful natural surroundings of the Illinbah clearing, adjacent to the upper reaches of the Coomera River in Queensland, Australia.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Suitable For Tents


  • Amplified music is not permitted. For the benefit of all campers

Additional rules

1) Open fires: Prohibited—fuel stoves only.
2) Generators: Not permitted.

Things to know

To reach the Illinbah Bush Camp, visitors need to embark on a walk-in journey. This camping area is not easily accessible and requires experienced off-track walkers with proper hiking equipment and excellent navigational skills. It's important to be well-prepared for the trek to this remote campsite. Illinbah Bush Camp is situated within the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. This region is renowned for its remarkable geological processes, rich evolutionary history, and incredible biodiversity, particularly in terms of rare, threatened, and endemic species. The camping season spans from 1 February to 30 November, allowing visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area during the most suitable times. There are no defined camping sites at Illinbah Bush Camp. However, the campsite can accommodate a maximum of 6 people per night. The campsite is suitable for self-sufficient, walk-in camping. Campers must be well-prepared for the rugged environment and have all necessary supplies. There are no facilities provided at the campsite. Campers are expected to be entirely self-sufficient. Any water collected from the nearby creeks must be treated before consumption. Additionally, all waste, including food scraps, must be carried out. Campers are advised to bring essential items, including a fuel stove for cooking, drinking water, extra food supplies, rubbish bags, a first-aid kit, a topographic map, a compass, a flashlight, warm clothing, wet weather gear, and a small trowel for burying waste. Mobile phone coverage is Poor.



The campsite is nestled in a valley between the Darlington and Beechmont ranges, surrounded by towering flooded gum trees. The Coomera River, which runs nearby, offers a picturesque backdrop with its boulders that have been sculpted and smoothed over time by the flowing water. This river serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife. Dragonflies in vibrant hues and shy water dragons can be spotted along the riverbank. The water itself teems with life, including fish, tadpoles, and eels. As night falls, the chorus of frogs along the creek creates a soothing soundscape to lull campers to sleep.


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