Miall Island Camping Area

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Miall Island camping area is a hidden gem located approximately 11 kilometers east of Rosslyn Bay Harbour in Queensland, Australia. This remote island offers a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts and adventurers seeking a unique camping experience.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Suitable For Tents


  • Anchoring allowed

Additional rules

1) Fires: Prohibited (open and closed). Gas or liquid fuelled stoves for cooking purposes are permitted.

2) Generators: not permitted.

Things to know

Miall Island can only be reached by boat, adding an element of seclusion to your camping adventure. This means you'll need to plan your trip accordingly and arrange for transportation to and from the island. Miall Island camping area offers just one campsite, ensuring a sense of exclusivity and solitude. The site can accommodate a maximum of six people, making it an ideal destination for small groups or families. The campsite features a sandy surface, so be sure to bring appropriate camping equipment. Fires, both open and closed, are strictly prohibited on the island. However, campers can use gas or liquid-fueled stoves for cooking purposes, ensuring you can enjoy hot meals while camping. Miall Island camping area is a back-to-basics camping experience. There are no facilities on the island, so campers need to be self-sufficient. You should bring all necessary supplies, including food, drinking water, and camping gear. Sturdy rubbish bags are essential for responsible waste disposal. While mobile phone coverage on Miall Island is generally reliable, it's recommended to have VHF marine radios and satellite phones on hand, especially for emergencies or if you plan to venture far from the camping area.



Miall Island is renowned for its fringing reefs, which adorn the island's south-eastern and northern shores. These reefs provide exceptional opportunities for diving and snorkeling, making it a haven for marine enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life make it an ideal spot for underwater exploration.
The camping area itself is nestled behind a small beach and a picturesque foredune on the island's south-western side. This location offers campers the perfect blend of proximity to the shoreline and the serene ambiance of a coastal retreat.


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