Aquila Island

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Nestled in the serene beauty of nature, Aquila Island offers a unique camping experience that beckons adventurers seeking solace amidst untouched landscapes. This hidden gem is located 16 kilometers north-east of Clairview, a coastal town in Queensland, Australia.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Dump Station

  • Suitable For Tents

  • Toilets (Composting)

  • Water (Non drinking)


  • Amplified music is not permitted. For the benefit of all campers

Additional rules

1) Open fires: prohibited. Gas and fuel stoves are recommended.

2) Generators: not permitted.

Things to know

The journey to Aquila Island begins at Clairview, where campers embark on a boat ride that takes them through the tranquil waters of the Coral Sea. The 16-kilometer voyage ensures that only those truly willing to embrace the beauty of isolation make it to the island. The absence of roads or bridges adds to the sense of remoteness and the feeling of being cut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The camping area on Aquila Island is minimalistic, catering to those who seek a genuine outdoor experience. There is a solitary campsite available, ensuring that visitors are immersed in the island's natural surroundings without the intrusion of crowds. This single campsite is dedicated exclusively to tent camping. Aquila Island prides itself on being a true back-to-basics camping destination. As such, it lacks traditional facilities like bathrooms and running water. Campers are required to bring all their essentials, including food and drinking water. Sturdy rubbish bags are a must, as visitors are expected to adhere to a strict "leave no trace" policy to preserve the island's pristine beauty. Insect repellent, sun protection, and a reliable torch are essential companions to combat the challenges of the outdoor environment. Mobile phone coverage is unreliable—marine radios and satellite phones are recommended.



Aquila Island is a testament to the idea that adventure and respect for nature can coexist harmoniously. Campers who venture to this secluded paradise are reminded to tread lightly, leaving nothing behind but footprints and taking away memories that will last a lifetime.


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