Gordon Creek Camping Area

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Gordon Creek Camping Area offers a serene and refreshing escape within the lush embrace of a lowland rainforest, nestled beside the tranquil waters of Gordon Creek. This camping destination, located in the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park on Cape York Peninsula, provides a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Facilities & Amenities

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  • Suitable For Tents

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  • Amplified music is not permitted. For the benefit of all campers

  • Campfires allowed

  • Generators allowed

Additional rules

1) Open fires: allowed (except when fire bans apply) in existing fireplaces only. Fuel stoves recommended.
2) Generators: generators that operate at a noise level less than 65dB(A) at 7m are permitted between 8am and 7pm only.

Things to know

Gordon Creek Camping Area is situated within the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park (CYPAL), approximately 200km north of Coen on Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. Access to the camping area is primarily through a 4WD route. The camping area
provides a shaded and sheltered space in the heart of the rainforest, right beside Gordon Creek. This location is particularly ideal for birdwatching. There are four numbered camp sites available, with sites one and two on the southern side of the creek and sites three and four on the northern side. All camp sites offer ample shade and protection from the elements. The camp sites are suitable for various camping setups, including tent camping beside your car and camper trailers. The surface of the camp sites is natural dirt. While the camping area is a remote and natural environment, there are certain facilities and activities available for campers. Campfires are allowed, but only in existing fireplaces, and there might be fire bans in effect during certain times. Generators are permitted between 8am and 7pm, provided they produce noise levels lower than 65dB(A) at a distance of 7 meters. To fully enjoy your camping experience, it's recommended to bring adequate food and drinking water, water treatment equipment, rubbish bags, insect repellent, screened tents or mosquito nets, a fuel stove, and sufficient fuel and spare parts for your vehicle.
Mobile phone coverage is not available in this remote rainforest setting.



During the day, you can relish the calm atmosphere of your campsite, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the rainforest. Birdwatching enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to observe various bird species, including iridescent riflebirds, palm cockatoos, eclectus parrots, and even the elusive cassowary. As the sun sets, the nocturnal symphony of the bush comes to life. You can venture into the rainforest with a torch to spot creatures like green pythons and common spotted cuscus.


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