Jourama Falls Camping Area

  • Unpowered Site

Nestled alongside the tranquil Waterview Creek, the Jourama Falls camping area offers a picturesque escape into nature's beauty. With its diverse range of recreational activities and natural attractions, this camping area is a haven for those seeking relaxation and adventure alike.

Facilities & Amenities

  • BBQ Area

  • Kiosk

  • Picnic Table

  • Showers (Cold)

  • Suitable For Camper Trailer

  • Suitable For Campervans

  • Suitable For Caravans

  • Suitable For Motorhomes

  • Suitable For Tents

  • Toilets

  • Toilets (Composting)

  • Water (Non drinking)


  • Amplified music is not permitted. For the benefit of all campers

Additional rules

1) Open fires: not allowed. Fuel stoves are recommended.

2) Generators: prohibited

Things to know

Situated about 300 meters from the park entrance, just beyond the second causeway, the Jourama Falls camping area is easily accessible by various means of transport. Conventional vehicles, trail bikes, and bicycles can all navigate the route, allowing visitors to choose their preferred mode of travel. The camping area boasts an open layout, with no separately defined sites. This arrangement encourages a communal atmosphere, perfect for families, friends, and large groups to come together and enjoy the natural surroundings. The grassy surface underfoot provides a comfortable and serene setting for your camping experience. Jourama Falls camping area is thoughtfully equipped with essential facilities to make your stay enjoyable. While embracing a rustic charm, the facilities are designed to provide convenience and comfort. Fresh water is available, though it's advised to treat it before drinking. Composting toilets maintain a hygienic environment while being mindful of the surrounding ecosystem. A shower cubicle is accessible, allowing you to freshen up (remember to bring your own shower bag). Picnic tables dot the landscape, providing spaces to savor your meals in nature's embrace. While mobile phone coverage may be limited within the camping area itself, it's restored once you're closer to the highway, approximately 4.5 kilometers away.



The camping area offers a range of activities to engage visitors of all interests. Nature enthusiasts will find joy in birdwatching, as the area is renowned for its avian diversity. Waterview Creek beckons with the allure of swimming and canoeing or kayaking, ideal for those seeking aquatic adventures. If you're inclined to explore on foot, walking trails meander through the landscape, guiding you to discover the surrounding beauty.


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