Mount Spec Remote Bush Camping

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Mount Spec remote bush camping offers a truly secluded and immersive outdoor experience for seasoned adventurers. Located in the rugged wilderness of the Mount Spec area, north of Paluma and extending to Jourama Falls, this camping area is designed for those who relish the challenge of remote hiking and camping in pristine natural surroundings.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Suitable For Tents


  • Not suitable for children and infants

Additional rules

1) Open fires: prohibited. Use fuel stoves only.
2) Generators: not permitted.

Things to know

Access to Mount Spec remote bush camping is exclusively on foot, making it a true wilderness experience. There are no established walking tracks, so campers should be well-prepared for off-trail navigation. This means that only experienced and well-equipped bushwalkers should consider embarking on extended overnight hikes in this area. The camping facilities at Mount Spec are minimal, in line with its remote and untouched nature. Tent camping is the primary mode of accommodation, and there are no defined camping areas. Campers are required to set up their campsite at least 1 kilometer away from any other camping groups. Additionally, a maximum of six campers are allowed in any one group. Mount Spec remote bush camping demands a high level of self-sufficiency. There are no amenities or facilities available, so campers must come prepared with all necessary supplies. This includes drinking water, extra food, a first-aid kit, a topographic map, compass, torch, warm clothing, wet weather gear, rubbish bags, insect repellent, and a fuel or gas stove for cooking. It is also essential to carry a GPS and/or a GPS-equipped Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or a similar device for safety. In keeping with the principles of Leave No Trace, campers must take responsibility for their waste. All rubbish, including food scraps, must be carried out. Open fires are strictly prohibited to protect the natural environment, so campers should use fuel stoves for cooking. The use of generators is not permitted in this pristine wilderness area. Additionally, mobile phone coverage is poor or nonexistent, so campers should not rely on their phones for communication.



Mount Spec remote bush camping offers a challenging yet rewarding adventure for those seeking solitude and immersion in the untouched wilderness.


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