South Repulse Island

  • Unpowered Site

South Repulse Island is a picturesque camping destination situated on the west side of South Repulse Island, located to the east of Midge Point in Queensland, Australia. This remote island camping site offers a tranquil and secluded escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Suitable For Tents


  • Anchoring allowed

Additional rules

1) Open fires: Prohibited.
2) Generators: Not permitted.

Things to know

To reach South Repulse Island, visitors can access it exclusively by boat, which adds an extra layer of adventure to the camping experience. Additionally, canoes and kayaks can also be used to access the island, making it accessible to a variety of watercraft. The camping area on South Repulse Island does not have separately defined sites; it is an open area suitable for a maximum of 12 people. This limited capacity ensures a serene and intimate camping experience. he camping area is ideal for walk-in camping, providing a true wilderness experience where campers can immerse themselves in nature. The ground surface in the camping area primarily consists of sand and rubble, so campers should come prepared with suitable gear and equipment. Open fires are strictly prohibited on the island to preserve its natural beauty and protect the environment. The use of generators is not permitted to maintain the tranquility of the island. Visitors are advised to bring their own drinking water, rubbish bags, insect repellent, and fuel stove. Proper preparation and waste management are crucial to minimize the impact on the environment. Mobile phone coverage is not available on South Repulse Island, offering campers a true escape from the digital world.



The main attraction of the camping area on South Repulse Island is its sheltered bay, offering a tranquil and picturesque setting. Campers can enjoy stunning views of the nearby Conway Range, adding to the natural beauty of the site. The crystal-clear waters surrounding South Repulse Island offer excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving, allowing campers to explore the vibrant underwater world. Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities, allowing campers to paddle around the island and explore its coastline. Boating enthusiasts can enjoy the open waters surrounding the island. The inviting waters are ideal for swimming, providing campers with a refreshing escape from the tropical heat. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck in the surrounding waters, potentially catching a variety of local fish species.


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